Dental Imaging

Most visits to Reservoir Dental Group in Brandon, Mississippi, will require some form of dental imaging, whether it's x-rays at your biannual checkup and cleaning or 3D scans to plan orthodontic treatment. Our dentist uses the most advanced technology available to ensure a high level of accuracy and precision when diagnosing dental health issues and planning treatments. 

Ceph X-Ray

A cephalometric X-ray, or ceph X-ray, is a diagnostic radiograph used primarily for orthodontic treatment planning. Ceph X-Rays are extraoral, so patients do not have to insert any sort of trays, bitewings or films into the mouth. They are also are safe, fast, painless and extremely effective. 

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Digital X-Rays

One of the most frequently used dental imaging techniques at our office in Brandon, Mississippi, is the digital x-ray. This modern technology is preferred over the traditional method for several reasons. First, it significantly reduces the amount of radiation our patients are exposed to. Second, the process is quick and the images are immediately available for our dentist to review and discuss the results with our patients. Finally, the high-quality images allow for more accurate diagnostics. 

Intraoral Camera

Another dental imaging tool frequently used by our dentist at Reservoir Dental Group is the intraoral camera. This tool takes detailed x-rays of the inside of a patient's mouth so our dentist can better diagnose decay and other problems and plan treatments like braces. Its ergonomic design makes the dental imaging process completely comfortable and the images are easily transferred to a computer monitor for our dentist to evaluate and then discuss the results with patients. 

To learn more about the various dental imaging tools used at Reservoir Dental Group, call us today at 601-992-1371 and a member of our team will answer any questions you have.